Our Story

Originating from the heart of the Artisan Quarter in the beautiful city of Bath, UK, our brand took its name from the place where our story began, Walcot Street.

Launched in 2017, Walcot Yarns was a way for yarn-shop owner Carmen Schmidt to put her own stamp on the yarn world. Her goal was to create a unique brand to sell in her store, A Yarn Story, and make something she knew her customers would love. It was an opportunity to get creative and combine her love of colour with carefully sourced fibres to create wool for yarn-lovers like herself.

What happens when you want a workhorse yarn, but need it to feel gentle and buttery against the skin? Can a yarn even be both soft and strong at the same time and last? Here at Walcot Yarns we have answered these questions with luxurious yarns and fabulous patterns for knitters and crocheters alike.

Walcot Yarns is designed for those who want to make, wear and love long-lasting, heirloom pieces as well as garments for everyday use. We also believe in collaboration and have had the pleasure of working with several talented designers in the industry including Aleks Byrd, Anna Johanna, Amanda Jones, Rastus Hsu and Dani Sunshine. Because Walcot Yarns is all about the yarn, we leave the pattern design to the experts and love seeing what they imagine for our yarns to make it come to life.

Finally, in the spirit of sustainability and slow fashion, Walcot Yarns takes the creative experience straight into the hands of the maker, and our aim is to encourage all knitters to create one garment a year. What a wonderful world that would be.